50 Treasures exhibition – round 5

The new year brings the latest round of our '50 Treasures' exhibition series.  This time the wall is filled with, amongst others things, examples of Swedish folk art, 1950s newspapers cartoons, architectural plans, a photo of 'lost' arctic graves and the diaries of a Derbyshire gent - all items nominated by staff, volunteers and users … Continue reading 50 Treasures exhibition – round 5

Derbyshire perspectives – reading landscape

Derbyshire artist Peter Knight celebrates his love of the craft of print media with the layered continuum of exploring this remarkable county.  His exhibition 'Derbyshire perspectives - reading landscape' is on show at the record office. Here, Peter tells us about his work and inspiration. I’d always been interested in books and illustrated books in … Continue reading Derbyshire perspectives – reading landscape

The Junction Arts Story

An exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of Junction Arts, a Derbyshire based arts charity is now on at the record office.  The exhibition will celebrate the organisation's achievements over four decades, illustrated using the newly acquired archive held here at the record office. The exhibition will run from Thursday 22nd March to Saturday 29th September 2018. Normal … Continue reading The Junction Arts Story

Exhibition – The Amazing Pop Up Archives Project

Sadly we have completed our year of gallivanting around the county taking our archive collections out into the community and collecting people’s stories along the way. To celebrate the culmination of our project a special exhibition is now on in the reception area of the record office which tells the tale of a fascinating, exciting … Continue reading Exhibition – The Amazing Pop Up Archives Project

The Pentrich Rebellion – Bicentenary commemorations

What do Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Revolution, an Indonesian volcano and Derbyshire framework knitters have in common? They all played their part in one of the first truly working class rebellions in British History. This June marks the bicentenary of the Pentrich Rebellion. In April 1815 Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted. This volcanic eruption was … Continue reading The Pentrich Rebellion – Bicentenary commemorations