If you have used the Record Office for your project, we request that you acknowledge this support. This may be in printed material, in your exhibition, on your website, on social media, and at project launch events.

How to acknowledge us

  • Use our correct name: Derbyshire Record Office

We are often referred to by other names, such as Derbyshire Records Office or Matlock Record Office, but please don’t use these names when formally acknowledging us or mentioning us in social media.

  • Credit images of our documents with our name and their full reference number

For example: Derbyshire Record Office, D1234/5/6. Without a reference number it can be very difficult for people who want to see the original document to find it.  Don’t forget to also check with us first about any copyright or depositor permissions that might be needed.

  • Link to us in blogs and on social media

Add a link to our website or blog when you mention us, so other groups can easily find us.

  • Use our logo on your printed material and/or website when we have provided partnership support

You can copy our logo from here:


record office logo main, transparent background

By publicly acknowledging the support that we have provided, you help raise awareness of the importance of archives and local studies. This encourages more people to use the Record Office and shows that our services are needed and valued.

For more information and advice, please contact us.