Sharing stories for World Book Day

Wednesday 5th March is World Book Day, a national celebration of reading. This year the theme is ‘share a story’ with the aim being to share a million stories across the UK.
With that in mind let me share a story from the local studies collection held here at the Record Office.

‘Blue John’ written by award winning local author Berlie Doherty, and beautifully illustrated by Tim Clarey, tells the story of the Queen of Darkness, who gives life to a child from the purple-blue heart of the glacier and the gold of the sun.  In the caverns deep beneath the mountain she keeps him safe, until Blue John hears children’s laughter from above ground, and longs to join them outside.Cover

This is a truly magical children’s book, inspired by the Blue John stone, unique to Derbyshire, and found in the caverns of Castleton.

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You can find this book and others by Berlie Doherty in Derbyshire Libraries, so why not choose something you can share for World Book Day?

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For World Book Day…

…a book about Arctic Explorers!  ‘The Icy North’ by Henry Harbour c.1904 contains biographies of Sir John Franklin and Fridtjof Nansen. It was part of a series published by Collins’ Clear Type Press, which included biographies of ‘the Lives of Men and Women who have achieved fame by the services they have rendered to their country or to mankind’ (other titles included ‘Peerless Women’ and ‘Old Sea Dogs’)

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‘Never did arctic explorers leave England fuller of hope, more confident of a speedy return, than Franklin and his companions on that May day in 1845’