Bryan Donkin on the BBC (again)

Previous posts about Bryan Donkin have included links to television programmes that give him a mention. Now Richard Donkin has let us know of a recent episode of BBC2’s Inside The Factory, which includes a segment on the history of the tin can, and Donkin’s role as an innovator in this field.  If the BBC iPlayer is available in your country, you should be able to watch the programme at any time in the next couple of weeks at this address:

Bryan Donkin on the BBC

You may remember (how could you forget?) our blogpost about Bryan Donkin back in June:

It was just a link to a BBC web article about Bryan Donkin’s invention of the tin can, but I did also point out that Donkin’s experimental work on this is recorded in his series of diaries (D5029/1), held here.  Well, here’s another link in the same vein:

It takes you to the section of last night’s Inside Out programme which dealt with Donkin and the tin can.  You won’t have seen it unless you live in the Cumbria/North East region, but recent technological advances mean you can see it without so much as fiddling with an aerial.