Three uses for the Burney collection (3)

And now, the last of my three suggested uses for the Burney collection.  It is this: you could use it to find examples of the variety of social conditions in your area.  If your area is Swadlincote – and even if it isn’t – you might be interested in this article from the Whitehall Evening Post (London) dated February 1790: Swadlincote

Not happy reading – although, then as now, we might wonder whether press reports are wholly accurate all of the time.  The article does not give the name of the purchaser or the purchased, the vendor or the absconding husband.  Or perhaps it is intended as satire?  Let us know what you think.  Anyway, if you want to use the Burney collection, grab your Derbyshire library card and head to:

Final pictures from our Summer Holiday events in Derbyshire Libraries

Here are the final installments of photos from the ‘History of You’ craft sessions we have hosted in Derbyshire Libraries over the school holidays as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Swadlincote Library, 7 August, Borrowash Library, 22 August and Matlock Library, 28 August

(Click image to enlarge)

We are very sorry to all the people who attended our sessions in Staveley and Dronfield on Thursday 16 August, unfortunately, all the photographs were accidentally deleted from the camera and we are not able to share the photographs from this day.