Nothing but Nuns!

Index of Nuns

Following hot on the heels of the Record Office appearance at Derbyshire County Council’s International Women’s Day is a female-focused addition to the Local Studies Collection. It’s a searchable Index of Nuns from the Catholic Family History Society on CD.

It lists records of approximately 14,000 nuns who professed later than 1795, with information about their parents, birth, religious name, profession and death. It should provide a fascinating and useful reference to anyone who might be researching their family history and knows there might have been a nun in the family!

Our newest addition: P W Miller’s unpublished theological works

Revd Paul William Miller (1918-2000) was Canon Residentiary and Precentor at Derby Cathedral from 1966 to 1983. In his earlier life, he had been an artist, a lay brother at a monastery, a soldier in France during the Second World War, and – for four years – a Prisoner of War after being captured by the Japanese in Singapore. We have just received five volumes of his religious writings which (so far as we can tell) have never been published. If you are interested, have a look at the catalogue: