An A to Z of Derbyshire manors – now on our website

There is now a guide to Derbyshire manors which can be downloaded from the bottom of the Our Records page of our website.  Not my work, I hasten to add, but the fruit of the labours of Neil, erstwhile Manorial Documents Register Project Officer, and volunteers.  All I have done is to assemble the various authority files in a single pdf document which runs through them all from A to Z – we may re-use the same information in a more sophisticated way in the future, but for now this makes it available to everyone.  To search the actual register and find out more about it, go to the Manorial Documents Register online.

Manorial Documents Exhibition

As Neil mentioned in his post from earlier today, our exhibition on Manorial Documents is now up and running in our reception area.  As with all our exhibitions it’s free, so do pop in and have a look – it will be on until Saturday 12 July 2014.


One half of the exhibition...

One half of the exhibition…

...and the other half.

…and the other half.