Advent Calendar 2015 – Day 2

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Grant by Thomas de Rolleston to Elizabeth his daughter of all land in Lapponghalugh’ in Egginton received from William son of William of Egginton by recognisance from king’s court. Dated at Egginton Thursday after feast of St Martin in winter 20 Edw III. 16 Nov 1346 (Ref: D5236/3/30)click here  for an enlargement of the grant

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“The best experience I have ever had” – Gabby

Back in October, we welcomed Gabby, 19 from Matlock, to the Record Office for 6-week work experience placement. Since then Gabby has been here punctually every Thursday afternoon and helped out with a number of tasks around the office, including sorting and labelling newsletters regularly received by the archives, preparing for an Explore Your Archives event, and labelling and preparing Ordnance Survey maps – a task which has lead to Gabby taking on the superhero nickname “map girl”.

Last week, Gabby was able to look at some of the older documents held in the archive collection at the Record Office as well as some items relating to Matlock.

D779/T 123

Royal charter of King John, 11 Jan 1215 (click for enlarged image)

Royal charter of King John, with his seal, dated 11 Jan 1215 (D779/T123)

I am very pleased to get to have a look at this document, I can’t read the document but the handwriting is lovely. I was so scared of breaking it, but I loved holding the seal and looking at the writing. The best experience I have ever had, to view something that is almost 800 years old. I am so excited to see this!

Deed of Anne of Cleves (before her marriage to King Henry VIII), dated 21 Dec 1551 (D77/1/86/5)

I am so happy to see this, I love Tudor history and can’t believe I am actually holding her seal! I can’t read the document very well but I can just make the words out.

Papers relating to Matlock vicarage (my house), which told me about the repairs being made, about putting new lighting in and new furniture and decorating.

Matlock tithe map, 1848 (D2360/3/28a)

Enlargement of Matlock in 1848 according to the tithe map (D2360/3/28a)

Enlargement of Matlock in 1848 according to the tithe map (D2360/3/28a)