Our latest accession: St Werbergh’s parish accounts, 1739

A fascinating series of parish accounts from the Derby parish of St Werbergh have just come in to Derbyshire Record Office, as a transfer from Derby Local Studies Library.  Here is just a snippet.  It looks as though Priscilla Bott was somebody in need, because at least two of her children had their shoes repaired at parish expense, and the entry for 10 July 1739 records a payment of 1 shilling and 4d for “a taylor for makeing Pris. Bott a gown & mending her childrens clothes”.  This the day after a payment had been made for strings for her child’s cap.  This new accession will be listed as part of collection D1145.

More from Sutton-on-the-Hill’s parish registers

Another notable burial spotted by Helen Betteridge of Derbyshire Family History Society.  The entry is dated 17 April 1737 and reads:

“Dame Elizabeth, relict of Sir Samuel Sleigh of Etwall, knight, was buried.  It is remarkable that the first wife of the said Samuel Sleigh was buried 103 years ago and upwards.”

Amazing but true.  J C Cox’s “Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire” says the parish church has memorials to Sir Samuel himself (died 1679), to his first wife Judith (d. 1634), his second wife Margaret (d. 1647) and Dame Elizabeth (who was 82 when she died).  And we have a document referring to the licence for the second marriage of the three, as described in our catalogue.