A warning to gluttons from 1593

A sternly unsympathetic entry in the general register for Sutton-on-the-Hill, recording a burial:

“Alice Cathener a poore woman of Osleston choked, or as some supposed beinge drunke fell downe flatt uppon her face, and so stopped her breath and was buried the 2 of Sept. anno predicto [year aforesaid, i.e. 1593].  A caveat for all drinkers, gluttons, and beastly belliegods, to beware of gods severe iudgment agaynst them”.

For any word-watchers: the Oxford English Dictionary defines “belly-god” as “One who makes a god of his belly; a glutton”.

Ilkeston map

We have recently received a copy of Henry Fletcher’s 1598 map of the manor of Ilkeston.  If you would like to see it, why not contact us (01629 538347 or record.office@derbyshire.gov.uk) and we can get it out for you.  Ask for document D7431/1.