Finding Derbyshire Business archives

A guide to finding the archives of Derbyshire businesses. Derbyshire Record Office holds nearly 1000 collections for businesses and trades across the county and city of Derby, primarily for the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, although some date as early as the 16th century.  Amongst the largest of these collections are: D1851 Bryan Donkin and … Continue reading Finding Derbyshire Business archives

Researching LGBTQ+ history

The criminalization, stigmatisation and persecution of the LGBTQ+ community has made researching LGBTQ+ history a challenge. Throughout history people have for religious, social and personal reasons been forced to conceal this aspect of their lives. You'll often see it referred to as a ‘hidden history’. Knowing where to start researching this subject can seem a … Continue reading Researching LGBTQ+ history

Baby Loss Awareness Week and records of stillbirth

This week (9-15 October) is Baby Loss Awareness Week.  Understandably, this is an incredibly emotive issue and one that many people don't think about if it is not something they have direct personal experience of. However, in the UK fourteen babies a day die before, during or soon after birth, so the chances are you … Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness Week and records of stillbirth

Societies and Voluntary Bodies

A guide to the archives of charities and self-help societies such as associations for the prosecution of felons, friendly societies and nursing associations as well as societies with a social purpose. Charities Major series of charity records concern education, almshouses, or general and parish interests.  Educational charities are chiefly about the maintenance of a school … Continue reading Societies and Voluntary Bodies

Coroners Inquests and other Records

A guide to the surviving records of the Derbyshire Coroners. It has been the duty of county coroners since 1194 to investigate the circumstances of unnatural, sudden, or suspicious deaths, and deaths in prison, with additional functions acquired over time. There are two coroners for Derbyshire: Derby and South Derbyshire, based in Derby High Peak, … Continue reading Coroners Inquests and other Records