1947: Some illustrious Nigerians at the School Museum Service

One of our latest accessions is a visitors' book from Derbyshire's School Museum Service. It was a pioneering institution, established in 1936 following a Carnegie Trust grant. Small wonder it attracted visiting students from the Institute of Education in London, now part of UCL. Some of the students were from today's Ghana, Zambia, South Sudan … Continue reading 1947: Some illustrious Nigerians at the School Museum Service

Records Management in the news

My role at the record office revolves around the original archives generated by Derbyshire County Council but my overall mission is to encourage all departments to keep their records well. Good records management is all about maintaining information systematically. Our records contain valuable information, which is evidence of what we do: everything from looking after … Continue reading Records Management in the news

“The Hard Way” The story of Hannah Mitchell by Louise Jordan

I don't know how many of our followers are in London, or within striking distance thereof - but this sounds like a very stimulating event.  The London School of Economics is staging a free performance tomorrow, Wed 26 June 2019, at 6.30pm, viz., a one-woman show entitled 'The Hard Way': the story of campaigner Hannah Mitchell … Continue reading “The Hard Way” The story of Hannah Mitchell by Louise Jordan

The future history of the school admission register

I’m recycling this image of Steve Bloomer’s school admission record (blog posts passim.), and throwing in a question: have you used our admission registers on Find My Past in your research? And do you think historians a century from now will have the same level of interest in us? Old-style admission registers like this are very … Continue reading The future history of the school admission register

Nellie Kirkham: archives of busy local historian

This post about the arrival of the Nellie Kirkham collection is almost three years old. I was saddened yesterday to read on the PDMHS Facebook page of the death of Dave Williams. Dave is pictured mid-way down the post, on the day he deposited the Kirkham material. He will be much missed.

Derbyshire Record Office

It was in November this year that we heard from Dave Williams of the Peak District Mines Historical Society, to say that the Society had recently taken on responsibility for the papers of the historian, artist and writer Nellie Kirkham (1896-1979).  Dave, and other active members of PDMHS, were anxious to find a permanent home for the papers, lest the information contained in Kirkham’s research notes be lost to future generations.

Dave brought in box-files, folders, and index cards at regular intervals over subsequent weeks.  The final lot of material came in metal trays that had been removed from a filing cabinet:

Empty traysTwo trays

I then began the process of transferring the papers to our own folders.  I shouldn’t really have used the acid-free folders until the papers had gone through our quarantine procedures, but they were all I could lay hands on at the time!  They may well be replaced by custom-built packages later on.  Here’s…

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