Bryan Donkin on the BBC

You may remember (how could you forget?) our blogpost about Bryan Donkin back in June: It was just a link to a BBC web article about Bryan Donkin’s invention of the tin can, but I did also point out that Donkin’s experimental work on this is recorded in his series of diaries (D5029/1), held here.  … Continue reading Bryan Donkin on the BBC

Adopt A Piece Of History

Would you like to help look after Derbyshire’s rich history? Through our Adopt a Piece of History scheme you can adopt any local studies or archives item (or even a whole archive collection), in the knowledge that your contribution will directly support our work to keep Derbyshire’s history safe for the future. If you’re looking for … Continue reading Adopt A Piece Of History

The very civil engineer – an invitation

Here at the record office we are fortunate to hold the company archive of the Bryan Donkin Company. Bryan Donkin (1768-1855), engineer and inventor, in 1803 established engineering works, at first principally for paper-making machinery, in Bermondsey in London.  In 1819 he invented a revolution counter to record numbers of items produced. To improve security … Continue reading The very civil engineer – an invitation