Discovering Franklin

We have an exciting new project beginning on Monday 1 October.  Funded by Archives Revealed, our Discovering Franklin project will create a detailed catalogue of the papers of Sir John Franklin (1786-1847); his first wife, Eleanor Porden (1795-1825) and her father William Porden (1750-1822); his second wife, Jane Griffin (1791-1875) – more usually known as Lady … Continue reading Discovering Franklin

Fothers, Franklin and Folksongs

Around this time yesterday, I was at an interdisciplinary seminar at Brunel University, showing an assortment of lead-mining documents to an assortment of academics.  All those assembled had an interest in metals and mining during medieval and early modern times, whether from the perspective of a historian, geographer, palaeoecologist, sociologist or, in my case, archivist. … Continue reading Fothers, Franklin and Folksongs

Treasure 15: An account of a Clairvoyant regarding Sir John Franklin’s lost Arctic expedition

This letter (D3311/81/1) dates from 1849 and comes from the Franklin family papers held here. These include letters, diaries and poems of Eleanor Anne Franklin (nee Porden), letters and journals of William Porden, letters and other papers of Sir John Franklin and Lady Jane Franklin, as well as letters of Eleanor Isabella Gell (nee Franklin).  There … Continue reading Treasure 15: An account of a Clairvoyant regarding Sir John Franklin’s lost Arctic expedition

Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found

You may have seen in the news that a team from Canada believe they have discovered one of the ships from the lost Franklin expedition – Franklin was one of the outstanding explorers of the early 19th century, but it was the Admiral’s tragic end that earned him iconic status. As a young midshipman, … Continue reading Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found

A father’s letter: update

For those of you who were concerned about the condition of this letter, I have now repaired it as part of the Discovering Franklin project: Eleanor Porden became a poet and married arctic explorer Sir John Franklin in 1823. You can follow project updates on our Twitter feed @FranklinArchive  

Adopt A Piece Of History

Would you like to help look after Derbyshire’s rich history? Through our Adopt a Piece of History scheme you can adopt any local studies or archives item (or even a whole archive collection), in the knowledge that your contribution will directly support our work to keep Derbyshire’s history safe for the future. If you’re looking for … Continue reading Adopt A Piece Of History

50 Treasures

Derbyshire Record Office has been going since 1962. In 2012, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we began assembling a list of 50 Treasures from our local studies and archive collections, nominated by our staff and users. Click on any of the icons below to find out more.  If you would like to support our work … Continue reading 50 Treasures