#PhotoFriday – October Digest

It’s time again for our monthly round up of #PhotoFriday tweets, where we look at images from the local studies collections across the county, which you can find on www.picturethepast.org.uk .

We started off our October tweets by combining the themes of In Print for History Begins at Home and the Explore Your Archive theme of Community by travelling back to Holymoorside in the 1950s. Here we see Dick Harbridge delivering newspapers on Loads Road. We assume that the photograph was somewhat staged, else the folk of Holymoorside were certainly very keen to see that days news!

Our next photograph also tied in with the theme of ‘In print’, this time visiting Chinley in the 1930s. Here we have the ‘old wooden hut’ on Lower Lane. Originally built in the late 1800s, it was first used as a clog shop and then from 1918-19 it was occupied by hairdresser Mr Israel Musslewhite. From 1919 until 1925 it was the premises of Mr Fred Henshall the renowned local butcher. From 1925 until about 1939 it was Chinley’s main newsagent, with a variety of proprietors – Eli Robins, George Roberts and Joseph B Watson. Here we have Joe Watson standing outside. It looks as if he is wearing bicycle clips so maybe he’s about to deliver the papers on the bicycle propped up by the door.

As the dark nights draw in, for our next choice, we picked a wonderfully atmospheric night time shot. This is the Scala Cinema in Ilkeston on a damp, murky evening in 1935. Viewed from the Market Place in the foreground we can see the drinking fountain, which was built in 1887 by Derby’s Andrew Handyside to commemorate Ilkeston’s new Borough status.

For many October can seem a bit gloomy, with the promise of dark nights and colder weather. So for our final #PhotoFriday we thought we’d try and brighten the mood by adding a touch of sparkle and fun. To celebrate Black History Month we went back to the West Indian Carnival parade, in Derby in 2002 and the vibrant costumes and dancing.

If you’ve enjoyed seeing what photographic treats we found for you last month then why not head over to Twitter to see what we have picked for #PhotoFriday in November.

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