#PhotoFriday Digest – August

Once again it’s time for our monthly round up of #PhotoFriday tweets, where we look at images from the local studies collections across the county, which you can find on www.picturethepast.org.uk .

We started off our August tweets with the theme of Lazy Days for History Begins at Home. We joined John Brackenbury and the Berwick family as they cooled down on a summers day at Yorkshire Bridge, Bamford in 1921. We love this family scene. You can almost feel the biting coolness of the water on the boy’s feet as he fishes with a can on a string. We wonder if he caught anything?

Our next #PhotoFriday coincided with World Elephant Day so we looked back to 1899 when the circus came to town in Chesterfield. You can imagine the excitement as Barnum and Bailey’s Circus paraded through the town. Here the elephants are certainly attracting a crowd with people lining the road and even leaning out of the windows of the shops and houses opposite. The lead elephant in particular seems very friendly as it looks like he is shaking the hand of a passer-by.

As our next #PhotoFriday tweet fell on World Photograph Day we wanted to choose a particularly striking image. This one also tied in nicely with the theme of Animals for Explore Your Archive. This is the landlord of the Half Moon Pub at Whitwell with his very unusual pet. We’ve all seen dogs on leads, and maybe even the odd cat or ferret but this is the first fox we’ve ever come across.

August was definitely the month for any animal lovers as our final #PhotoFriday fell on International Dog Day. I’m sure many of us will have tried the spring water at St Ann’s Well in Buxton which still runs freely today. But apparently it’s not just people who like to partake. Here we have a small dog standing in the well whilst drinking from the tap. We’re not sure whether the dog behind the rather grand looking lady, is patiently waiting in line, or howling in frustration.

If you’ve enjoyed seeing what photographic treats we found for you last month then why not head over to Twitter to see what we have picked for #PhotoFriday in September where, amongst other things, we’ll be celebrating some of the county’s Heritage Open Days.

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