November’s Twitter Digest

This is the first in a new series highlighting what is happening on our Twitter account each month; and this November saw us cover a vast array of topics. Many tweets highlight items from our Archives and Local Studies collections ranging from an old cure for the common cold to a copy of ‘The Ferns of Derbyshire’ by W. E. Howe, which contains some lovely coloured illustrations of 24 species of fern observed in Derbyshire.

Also, did you know about an archivist’s superpowers?

We have participated in several trends during the month, such as #BritishPuddingDay and #OnThisDay. Incidentally, do you know the meaning of thirdborough? #WordOfTheDay

One of our regular tweets is the #ArchiveOfTheWeek, this month featuring our first solely “born-digital” archives deposited a few years ago.

There was the old chestnut of unfamiliar handwriting, but also the poignant tale of Allenton’s War Memorial Village, provide dwellings for disabled ex-servicemen after World War 2.

Along with this, we marked the Remembrance Day commemorations on Twitter, with this year being the 100th Anniversary of the ‘Poppy Appeal’. We were even able to tie-in the History Begins at Home campaign. One member of staff had a Great Uncle who served in the Far East during the Second World War, and is buried in Yokohama

Last month’s Conservation tweets highlighted the perils in long-term storage of photographs. Whether that be damage caused by sunlight, or whether something has decided to have it for lunch:

And Finally

We love collaborating! There are a number of #EYACollaboration projects in the pipeline for 2022. Keep an eye out for updates… #ExploreYourArchive

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