Industrial Revolution Conference 2021

The Arkwright Society’s 7th Industrial Revolution Conference will be on Zoom on Saturday 13 November and is a great opportunity to hear leading international academics discuss innovation in the first Industrial Revolution.

The speakers are:

Professor Joel Mokyr (Northwestern University, Illinois) talking about the role of taxation, patents, the poor law, apprenticeship and policing in helping the Industrial Revolution to flourish.

Professor Emeritus John Styles (University of Hertfordshire) considering the link between moving from hand spinning to mechanisation and changing fashions in the 1760s and 1770s.

Dr Gill Cookson (Leeds University) giving her view of how Richard Arkwright’s career moved from Barber and Wigmaker to Machine Maker and Industrial Mogul.

Dr Karolina Hutkova (London School of Economics) on the English East India Company’s silk industry in Bengal, 1750-1850, which used the same technology as the Derby Silk Mill and the Macclesfield silk industry.

Professor Simon Mosey (University of Nottingham) discussing the minds of early innovators and more recent innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can see more information and get your ticket for just £20 from the Cromford Mills website.

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