Mining the Seams online workshop

We’re pleased to say that the Wellcome Trust funded cataloguing of the National Coal Board archive for the Derbyshire area is nearly complete. The archive contains more than 600 boxes of records, which relate to the miners who worked at the coalface as well as the management of the collieries and the coal they produced.

Now that these and other coal collections are becoming accessible, we’re running an online workshop on 13 October to examine their potential for study and research.

The workshop is particularly aimed at universities, to see how we can encourage students and academics to explore these new resources. If you’d like to join us at the workshop, just let us know by emailing

6 thoughts on “Mining the Seams online workshop

  1. Over what time period does the archive cover?From a family history research point of view I would be looking at 1900-1930s.

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  3. Dear Sarah
    Great news to see the completion of the archive ,I would be interested in attending but I note its aimed at university’s
    Will it be to academic ?

    • This workshop is particularly aimed at academics and students, but we will be doing a talk for people with a local history or family history interest, so keep an eye out for a post about that soon!

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