Celebrating 150 years of Buxton’s Own Crystal Palace: The Pavilion

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Derbyshire Museums Manager Ros Westwood contributes to the anniversary of a well-known and celebrated part of Buxton. There is currently a display in Buxton Museum and Art Gallery’s foyer to accompany the commemoration.Plan your visit here.

Engraving. Collection of BMAG

In 1870, the 7th Duke of Devonshire gifted 15 acres of the Old Hall Hotel’s gardens to Buxton, to create the Pavilion Gardens. The gardens were landscaped with well-maintained walks and fountains.

But there was one condition. For years the Duke had paid for the band which entertained the people promenading there. He required the people of Buxton raised the funds to build a ‘Winter Gardens’ where, under cover and throughout the year, people could enjoy a regular programme of musical entertainment, paid for by ticket sales. He reasoned that if the musical entertainment was good, people would return and enjoy the gardens and pavilions as well.


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