Keele University’s 44th Latin and Palaeography Summer School – online

For anyone who frequently finds they need to read old handwriting or understand medieval Latin – not an uncommon occurrence when undertaking research in historic archives – you might be interested in the news from Keele University that their annual summer school will be held online from Monday 2 August.

Here is some information from Director Dr Andrew Sergent about how it will work:

Keele’s summer school provides expert tuition in small groups for those who need to read medieval and early modern documents for local and national history.

This year features two introductory courses, Medieval Latin and Medieval palaeography, and two more advanced courses: A Treasure Trove of Documents and The French of England.

The school is frequently attended by local historians, postgraduate students, and archivists from the UK and abroad. In the past, students and archivists have often been successful when applying to their institutions for funding, as the school offers valuable professional training.

Booking closes on the 26th July. For further information please visit the website:

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