An update on Elizabeth Appleton for Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, and a few weeks ago I planned to write about my research about Elizabeth Appleton, a highly independent young woman of the Regency era, who I've previously blogged about.  Of course a lot has happened since the beginning of March, as the world has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.  Record Office … Continue reading An update on Elizabeth Appleton for Women’s History Month

Temporary Closure at Derbyshire Record Office

From 5pm today, the Record Office will be closed until further notice to protect staff and customers from contracting the coronavirus and help to prevent its spread. All events have been cancelled.  Although people won't be able to visit us, we will be monitoring written enquiries and continuing our research and copying service. Whilst we're … Continue reading Temporary Closure at Derbyshire Record Office

Shamans of the Arctic

Buxton Museum’s latest blog is about some lovely Inuit objects which are currently on display in their ‘Between two Worlds’ exhibition. They give a little peek into the beliefs of the indigenous people who live in the Arctic – which of course links nicely with our archives relating to Sir John Franklin and his crew, who perished in the Arctic nearly 175 years ago.

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

I have been very fortunate to work on the exhibition, Between Two Worlds, at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery. This is a unique collection of work from artists affected by war and intolerance in the 20th century, much of it never seen by the public before. On the surface, much of the artwork on display is vibrant and colourful but beneath are stories of artists who were persecuted, interned and displaced. Even within the permissive art world, these individuals faced discrimination and prejudice for not conforming to society’s expectations either through religious beliefs, race or sexuality. The exhibition is also about a time when colonial governments sought to impose Western society and religion, depriving indigenous communities of their cultural identity.

The exhibition draws on artworks from Derbyshire County Council’s own collection, the bequest of Arto Funduklian, the son of Armenian emigres, as well as from the Derbyshire School Library Service…

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Brickfall at Bondland shafts, Heage

Whilst going through some correspondence files for the Butterley Company, I came across reports for an accident. What was unusual about this accident was the amount of detail mentioned in the company’s correspondence. It gave detail from the time of the incident and included the consequences for those involved and their rescuers. The following is … Continue reading Brickfall at Bondland shafts, Heage