Treasure 43: An early Rolls-Royce photograph

This Treasure comes from the Ogden family collection:

Rolls Royce photo

Rolls-Royce began manufacturing motor cars in Derby from 1907. This photograph (D331/27/28), dates from the preceding year, and was taken outside the Cat and Fiddle pub near Buxton. Seated behind the wheel of the car with number plate AX205 is none other than Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910), co-founder of the company.

There is some writing on the back of the photograph saying it was given to F S Ogden in 1961 and dates from 1908 – this date was repeated in the original catalogue entry.  However, we have recently had to correct it: the same image features in Peter Pugh’s book “Rolls-Royce: The Magic of a Name: The First Forty Years of Britain’s Most Prestigious Company, 1904-1944” (Icon Books, 2015) and this dates the photograph to 22 Jun 1907.  If you would like to read the book, you can use the reference copy held here, or borrow one of the copies that may be found using the Derbyshire Libraries catalogue.

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2 thoughts on “Treasure 43: An early Rolls-Royce photograph

  1. I work for Ferodo in Chapel en le Frith
    There is a photograph in the canteen just like this one taken at the Cat and Fiddle pub near Buxton

    • Hi Peter,
      I suppose there must have been several copies in circulation – perhaps the one in your canteen is a contemporary copy, like ours. I wonder if there were Ferodo brake linings in those cars? I gather (from Wikipedia) that Ferodo’s founder Herbert Frood became the owner of the Cat and Fiddle in 1918.

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