Leaf through the pages of a book…

Summer is fading with the falling leaves of Autumn starting to make  an appearance, approaching that time of year when it’s comforting to curl up with a book in front of the fire.  So here are some new additions to our Local Studies library:


‘Kick’ is the story of Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy, who sailed to Britain in 1938 after her father was appointed US Ambassador in London.

A debutante, she lived ‘the high life’ and met William Cavendish, heir to the Duke of Devonshire and the Chatsworth estate.

Recommended reading for anyone who enjoys a lively whirlwind of a tale about a vivacious, rebel of her time…




Peak District Outstanding Circular Walks – precisely what it says on the tin!

Set your sights on Robin Hood’s Stride, cross stepping stones and experience some beautiful views in the Dark Peak.

What is great about this book is its handy size,  and the clear Ordnance Survey maps (as anyone who has got waylaid in the Peak District will appreciate, a clear map showing geographical landmarks is essential!)





‘Ten Bells’ by Patricia Halls, takes a humorous look at the fascinating world of bell-ringers at Derby Cathedral.  It’s packed with both technical detail and pictures of the personalities involved in the art of bell-ringing, clearly showing it as a talent that all ages enjoy.

It’s full of amusing anecdotes, like the time when fashion got in the way of one particular ringer, who ended up having his whole pocket ripped out of his trousers!



vole‘The Water Vole’ has a whole chapter devoted to  Derbyshire’s water voles and the battle they face to survive. It is written by Christine Gregory, who lives in the Derbyshire Dales and writes, paints and photographs wildlife.  It’s full of beautiful photography and environmental descriptions while putting across the case for these elusive creatures who are sadly under threat.

So what do you do after you have completed an outstanding circular walk in the Peak District,  looked for for water voles along Cromford Canal and tried your hand at bell-ringing?  Visit an historic inn of course! ‘Britain’s Best Real Ale Heritage Pubs’ published by Campaign for Real Ale features six in Derbyshire, complete with a handy ‘tick off’ list at the back to keep a record of your visits. It’s full of inviting photos of traditional pub scenes and fascinating histories guaranteed to make you thirsty for a pint in cosy surroundings.


Some of the pub names from around the country caught our attention:

  • ‘The Bleeding Wolf’ in Cheshire;
  • ‘Crocker’s Folly’ in North West London;
  • ‘Swan with two Necks’ in Stockport;
  •  the cricket themed ‘Test Match Hotel’ in West Bridgford, Nottingham;
  •  and the ‘Romping Cat’ in Bloxwich.

Or you could have a pint at ‘Tucker’s Grave’ (Faulkland, Somerset).

Please do let us know of any unusual pub names you have come across in Derbyshire…

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