Bryan Donkin book launch at Chesterfield Library

Genius deserves to be celebrated. So please do join us in celebrating the genius that was Bryan Donkin by coming to the launch of a ground-breaking new biography of the man, written by Maureen Greenland and Russ Day.

Bryan Donkin book.JPG

The book draws heavily on the archival legacy of Donkin and the company he founded, which was based in Chesterfield from 1902 onwards. Some of the most striking and noteworthy of those documents, including original engineering drawings, will be on display at the launch, which is at Chesterfield Library on Tuesday 19th July at 4.30pm. There will also be a chance to meet the authors (and get them to sign a copy of the book) and to hear from Terry Woodhouse, who was the Managing Director of the Bryan Donkin Company for a number of years.

It’s a free event, with light refreshments available, so do come along.  You can book your free ticket by calling in at the library, or by telephone on 01629 533 400, or by email to

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