Calling all shopaholics..


If you visit us at the Record Office you will see that we have a range of products for sale.

As well as offering a variety of local publications, we also have a range of unique Record Office merchandise.  DRO Products

These go from note books and mugs, to tea towels and bags  all with specially chosen images on them taken from items within our collections.

Alongside these is a display of merchandise available from Picture the Past.  You may be aware of the Picture the Past website which gives images from the library and museum collections across Derbyshire, Derby City, Nottinghamshire and Nottingham PtP ProductsCity a worldwide audience.

The website offers a host of products which you can personalise with an image of your choice.  In the Record Office and Chesterfield Library you can buy items such as notebooks, place mats, coasters, key rings and mugs with various images of the Chesterfield area already printed on them.

Picture the Past have just expanded their range and available at the Record Office, you can buy ready framed images of some famous Derbyshire landmarks.  Views of Chatsworth, Haddon Hall and Dovedale are just some of the images available. Picture 1

Along with the other merchandise mentioned these are on display in the Record Office reception area, so why not pop in and have a look.  You may just solve that awkward present problem…

2 thoughts on “Calling all shopaholics..

  1. Hi Netta We’d be delighted if you were to tweet our blogs. We like to reach as wide an audience as possible, so thank you. Lisa

  2. Hi I Iove all the posts from the record office and would love to be able to tweet them as I think it would be of interest to Discover Buxton followers who are often interested in wider Derbyshire heritage.Is this possible? Regards Netta

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