The record office – a Safe Place to be

Safe Places training

The record office recently signed up to become a designated Safe Place within the county.  Not sure what a Safe Place is?  Then I’ll explain…

The Derbyshire Safe Place Scheme is a voluntary scheme for organisations and businesses who wish to join a network of designated safe places throughout the county.  The scheme is run by Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Constabulary and MacIntyre, a national charity who provide learning, support and care for children and adults with learning disabilities .  These safe places provide help for people who may feel unwell, confused, threatened or are in trouble whilst out and about in their local community.

As a Safe Place we can offer a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for anyone who may need our help.  Our newly trained staff can offer support and practical help, such as contacting  family members, carers or friends for anyone who needs assistance.

Staff were trained by representatives of MacIntyre, Helen Blanksby, a Keeping Safe Champion (pictured holding the Safe Places logo) and Neil Abdy, Training & Development Officer for the Safe Places scheme.

We are proud to be one of many Safe Places around the county.  To see a list of all the Safe Places in Derbyshire log on to the Safe Places website at  You will know a Safe Place by the logo which will be on display.


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