Imagine having to fill this form in…

One of our listing volunteers, Roger, has been working through some unlisted family/estate papers this morning, and came across this:

Home Guard form

Most readers will recognise LDV as standing form Local Defence Volunteers, usually known as the Home Guard.  In fact, this blank form was not saved because of its Home Guard connection, but because it bears some hurried notes on the reverse about a land transaction.  As you will see, the form was designed for use as a speedy means of reporting the observation of enemy landings to the police and military.

If your research interests include the Home Guard, the very best place to start would be The National Archives’ research guide.  However, there are a few references to Home Guard documents on our catalogue, too.  These include:

  • (D799/10/2) a Home Guard signalling manual, 1942
    (D1467/1) The roll of the 15th (The Peak) Battalion, Derbyshire Home Guard, 1944
    (D2321/1) Home Guard Derby Works Battalion C: Company register of platoons, covering (Platoon 1) Trent Motor, (Platoon 2) DCS, (Platoon 3) Cold Stores, (Platoon 4) Coles and Rolls Royce, (Platoon 5) County Air Raid Protection, (Platoon 6) Borough Air Raid Protection
  • (D7686/BOX/25) The script of “According To Plan” by Lawrence du Gard Peach, described as “a Comedy of the Home Guard in Three Acts”, 1943

We have to be particularly careful about aspects of some of these documents.  For instance, the register of platoons gives each person’s enrolment number, name, address, date of birth and next of kin.  It also gives remarks such as each person’s rank and when they resigned.  None of this is earth-shatteringly sensitive, but it still qualifies as personal data, which is protected by UK data protection legislation – so if you have a need for such material you will need to contact us about it, and we will work out whether there is a legal way of letting you access it.


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