A cartoon to mark the transit of Mercury across the sun

The original YouTube link didn’t work, so I have replaced it with a pleasingly local alternative, provided by the Malcolm Parry Observatory at the Long Eaton School. They have a WordPress blog of their own, https://mpole2011.wordpress.com/

Derbyshire Record Office

For all those people who have been asking whether there is an appropriate George Woodward sketch to mark the transit of Mercury: Yes, indeed there is:


The cartoon (ref: D5459/1/93/24) shows the French astronomer Jérôme Lalande (1732-1807) telling Napoleon Buonaparte that he has discovered an island in the moon.  Napoleon’s response – that he has already despatched a king to take possession of it – refers to the latter’s policy of turning family members into kings.

The celestial whatnot will begin not long after midday today.  Looking up at the sun won’t work – and obviously you are too smart for that anyway – but if you are reading this before it happens, you  can follow a broadcast of the event by clicking the Play button below.  Or you can find out more about the whole shooting-match courtesy of the NASA website.

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