Have you heard the one about the woman who lived on a tram?

Few virtual postbags can be quite as varied as our regular slew of email enquiries – this one’s a belter.  Val Howels of Devon has written to ask if we have any information on “the indomitable Miss Florence Sharpe”.  Val asks for the best and noblest of reasons – she is writing a children’s book.  The book is set to be a true story about the life of a woman who really did live on a tram, for a number of years (specifically, Chesterfield Tram No. 7).  Florence herself died in 1982 at the age of 90 – so what the author would like most of all would be the chance to chat to any relatives, who might be able to pass on any informative snippets.  Florence was the sister-in-law of a Mr Harry Cocking, who owned the tram before his death in 1949.  Are there any surviving members of the Sharpe or Cocking families who would be able to help?  If so, please email record.office@derbyshire.gov.uk and we will put you in touch with Val.

It’s always nice to have something to illustrate a blog post, so here’s a link to a YouTube clip filmed on board Chesterfield Tram No 7 at Crich Tramway Village.




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