9 of diamonds discovered in court book

Improvised bookmarks – we all do it, don’t we?  I have several dozen nice, presentable bookmarks knocking around the house, yet somehow end up with a well-worn train ticket stuck between the pages of whatever novel I have stashed in my work bag.  In this case, we have a 9 of diamonds – a 17th-century 9 of diamonds, at that – found seven minutes ago in between the pages of the court book for the manors of Alstonefield, Warslow and Longnor, Swarkestone, Breadsall, Repton and Hemington and for the hundred of Repton.

D2375 M 57 2 playing card

The volume dates from 1674 to 1677, which is why I say the card is a seventeenth-century one.  If there is an expert in this field who cares to contradict or confirm this, please do so using the comments box below!

6 thoughts on “9 of diamonds discovered in court book

    • We don’t! Indeed it could have been inserted any time up to 1986 when the volume was entrusted into our care. However, it definitely doesn’t look like the work of a Victorian printer, and does stand comparison with ones available for sale online – e.g. this image from the Corsairs Wares website: ggo-17thcards

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