Thoughts of Summer Meadows…


The bright sunshine today streaming through our windows was a relief from the dull wet days of the last few months. It brought to mind Alan Willmot and Nick Moyes new “Flora of Derbyshire”, ISBN 9781874357650, which we bought for our Local Studies Collection. A flora of the county hasn’t been produced since 1969, and this new work describes the occurrence and distribution of over 1,900 wild flowers, trees, conifers, ferns, horsetails and clubmosses, and has taken 18 years of work to produce.

 It’s illustrated in colour with English and scientific names for each species, and information about habitats and conservation status, and is set to become a standard reference work for the county. The Derbyshire Red Data List of the most threatened plants is also included which will be a useful resource for naturalists and conservationists.

 As well as distribution maps and colour photographs of many species there are also a chapters on “Where to see plants in Derbyshire”, and “Derbyshire – its landscapes and vegetation”. Just right for planning some walks in the spring and summer.

If you would like to see which Derbyshire libraries have a copy apart from ourselves, or request a copy you can do so here


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