Festive visit from Cycling Santa

We’re quite an environmentally friendly bunch here at the Record Office. Plenty of staff walk to work, a few use the train or bus, two people regularly cycle, and there’s the odd car share.  This frees up lots of car parking for visitors which may otherwise be taken up by staff cars. In addition, we also have cycle parking, for those of a two wheeled pedalling persuasion.

So as we have been so good and ‘green,’ this year, we were therefore very pleased to have a special visit from a VIP. Cycling Santa, from the Sustainable Transport Team at County Hall dropped in, and was especially impressed that he could park his bicycle and have a bit of a rest from his delivery rounds. He has promised to visit when he is less busy so he can find out about Derbyshire’s history, so we look forward to seeing him again. As you can see from the pictures he has slimmed down considerably due to his cycling regime. He did say this also means he can eat more mince pies without feeling it on his waistline like he used to! For anyone concerned about the reindeer, please be reassured that they are happily in retirement. Cycling Santa wishes all visitors and staff at the Record Office a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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