Advent Calendar – Day 12

Are you excited yet?

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Postcard of Carl Wark, Peak District (Ref: Local Studies, Postcards)

According to the Peak District Information website: “[Carl Walk] is very likely that the hill was fortified in the Iron Age (or earlier) at the same time as Mam Tor, which you can see from Higgar Tor, only a few hundred metres away, and a plaque alongside the hill records this. However, archaeologists now tend towards the view that the massive fortifications which can still be seen at the western entrance were probably constructed in the Romano-British period at the start of the Dark Ages, maybe about 500 AD, so the fort has a long and probably complex history of occupation. Along with nearby Higgar Tor, the hill is a fine viewpoint and makes a nice walk from the Fox House Inn on the Hathersage to Sheffield road”.

Postcard of Carl Wark, Peak District

Postcard of Carl Wark, Peak District

There are thousands of photographs, postcards and other illustrations in the local studies collection – many of them are now available to search and view online via Picture the Past (if you’re stuck for something to do after a hefty Christmas dinner, why not indulge in some nostalgia looking through the images on here).


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