Remembering Past Times in Chesterfield

I was delighted when staff at Chesterfield Library invited us to take part in their half-term reminiscence event, promoting the record office and our collections through craft activities with children and young people. So, last Tuesday I loaded up the car with a selection of craft materials, templates of trees, a large bundle of old and “less old” photographs of Chesterfield  (courtesy of Picture the Past), as well as a small assortment of original archives to be displayed in the local studies section at the Library.

As always our intergenerational ‘History of You‘ craft activity engaged children as young as two in the history of their family as they designed and made their own colourful, furry, feathery and leafy trees. Not unsurprisingly the parents and grandparents who came along too enjoyed the activity just as much (and sometimes even more) than their children, and they shared stories about why cousin Laura is called Laura, and how Uncle Mick met Aunt Sally.

In the afternoon we tried something a bit different and, supported by third and fourth generation Cestrefeldians, a small group of 7-16 year olds prepared a display for the library revealing how Chesterfield Market Place has been used and has changed over the last 200 years. Inspired by the photographs from Picture the Past, the group re-created the clock tower of the Market Hall, created paper chains of people shopping and cows being sold, and arranged the old photographs to show a lively market town over the centuries and still going strong today.

You can see the display at Chesterfield Library, or here (below)



The whole day, which also included pumpkin badge making and owl crafting with Straight Curves, artefact handling with Chesterfield Museum and an exhibition on social housing from Homes For Good, was really fantastic and we were so pleased to be a part of it. The organisers have now started to think about the next event – and our table is already booked!

2 thoughts on “Remembering Past Times in Chesterfield

  1. Dear Beccy I was so pleased to see this email.

    At our open day / Fair we have been wanted to include something / activities for children, to encourage them into family history.

    2016 date is the 27th of August and is the bank holiday Saturday. I wondered if you could provide us with something similar? I could provide and area for you. It would be really wonderful and of course you would still be invited to have your own tables as before.

    Kindest regards Dena Regards Dena Secretary – Chesterfield & District Family History Society.

    • Hi Dena,
      Thanks for your interest in the activities. I will have a chat with Karen and Sarah, and then drop you an email about what we could offer.
      Best wishes,

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