50 Treasures: Over to you…

I just thought I would re-blog this post from June. We would still like to hear any suggestions you may have for Treasures 29 through to 50!

Derbyshire Record Office

We are half-way through our tour through Derbyshire Record Office’s 50 Treasures, which we started publicising in 2012, to mark our fiftieth anniversary.  Treasures 24 and 25 have been selected by a former staff member and a researcher respectively, and we would like to take this opportunity to appeal for suggestions from other people who either use Derbyshire Record Office (in person or from afar) or used to work here.  Is there any document in our local studies or archives collections that particularly stands out for you?  The item you choose could be a “treasure” because of something intrinsic to the document itself – its appearance, its content, the themes it covers; or it could be precious to you because of your experience of it – something that would be invisible to others, perhaps some startling discovery that you made with it.  Or perhaps you are the person/organisation that gave us your nominate…

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4 thoughts on “50 Treasures: Over to you…

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