Potter & Co Collection: 414 items later

If you have been following my blog each week you will already know that I have been organising a collection that was donated to the Derbyshire Record Office between 1975 and 1976.

As a trainee archivist I am prone to making mistakes, and this has been the project that has taught me the most; and has been a way I can practise all the theory that I have been reading on my Master’s course.

My main mistakes have been:

  • I naively made a miscellenous box, which months later I was required to go back to and individually put them into CALM ready to be published on the catalogue.
  • I did not organise the structure of the collection properly, which, if it had been left like that, would have made looking for similar documents more difficult.

Weeks later, I now have a collection that has all the items (all 414) either individually mentioned, or grouped together (with photographs this has happened). They have been grouped together with similar documents in series and subseries (made my head spin during this stage). The extent (how many items there are) has been filled in and all items have been given  the date that they were created, or a rough estimate if the date has not been stated.

Now I am required to start adding the reference number to each of these items, which I started months ago. Luckily for me, the items that I had already written the refernce number on do not need to be changed (thank goodness!) Whilst in the process of numbering the documents, they will also be reboxed together.

For those of you who missed my first blog, the picture below is the 21 boxes that is this collection. 12 boxes have already been numbered and reboxed.

Next time I am at the Derbyshire Record Office, the daunting task for completing the last 9 boxes will commence.

21 boxes, 414 items

21 boxes, 414 items


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