Treasure 26: Ferodo’s imaginative advertising

This treasure is an extraordinary map of another world called Nevacantell – a world filled with motoring hazards, mitigated by brake linings manufactured in Chapel-en-le-Frith.



It has been nominated by a former archivist at Derbyshire Record Office, Gary Tuson, who is now County Archivist at Norfolk Record Office. He writes:

The business archive of Ferodo, brake-lining manufacturers, contains a superb collection of advertising and promotional material. Ferodo’s advertising was imaginative: in the inter-war years, one theme which seems to recur is that of driving off a cliff if you haven’t fitted your car with Ferodo brake-linings – just one of the many hazards identified on the map of Nevacantell.


There are many more scenes within this map, which may be seen in our searchroom as a high-resolution scan on CD/173 or in its original form by ordering item D4562/17/2. For instance, have a look at the groups of bikers in this image:


Did you also spot the satirical tribute to the League of Nations? And how about this for an accident waiting to happen?


We are grateful to Ferodo’s current owners, Federal-Mogul, for letting us use this image.

Drive safely, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Treasure 26: Ferodo’s imaginative advertising

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  3. Hello. Does anyone remember Ferodo producing a promotional 7″ record (which was bendable – perhaps the forerunner of the floppy disc!) in about 1960? My father had an agricultural and motor engineering business in Cornwall, and used to stock Ferodo products. He bought us a Dansette Major record player at about this time, and I am sure that a copy of this disc comprised one third of our original collection (the other two thirds being EPs by The Beverley Sisters and Perry Como!) I have a friend (surname Theyer) who lived in Buxton, and whose father was involved in racing / development work at Ferodo at this time. My friend has no recollection of such a record, and says I must be mistaken. Perhaps I am!

    • Hmmm… The British Library’s Sound Archive catalogue does list a Ferodo-related record, but the date of publication is given as 1985, so perhaps your c1960 promo record was a forerunner. The record contains Ferodo Works Band’s version of “Galopade”, composed by Cedric King Palmer. Palmer’s 1999 obituary in the Independent describes this as “a pot-pourri of galops and cancans”, which sounds pleasantly invigorating. The record’s reference number (1LP0015999) includes “LP”, which suggests it isn’t a 7-inch single, either. Still, at least it’s evidence that there was such a thing as a Ferodo record, and we have photographs and newscuttings relating to the Works Band going back to the 1950s. So this sounds altogether plausible! P.S. The Nevacantell map is likely to feature in our 50 Treasures exhibition, which will be installed in the Vitrine Wall in February.

      • Thanks, Mark. I am sure that the two recordings would be unrelated. I can remember a couple of bars of the melody on the flexible disc I am talking about. I wish I still had it somewhere, but I am sure that it would have been binned – probably in the 1960s. I do remember the “sleeve” though. It was of thin brown cardboard and designed like an envelope – complete with a flap. The flap might well have been secured by brass wing ties passing through a hole in it. It’s funny what you can remember as a 4-5 year-old, when so much since has been forgotten!

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