Potter and Co Collection: No Longer a Miscellaneous Box

In my previous post I was battling with my miscellaneous box, and was required to tackle it when it came to my attention that the collection needed restructuring.

5 hours and 94 items later, the box has been sorted through and catalogued onto CALM ready to be arranged into categories (series and subseries) during my next visit to the DRO.

With the items now identified, the box is no longer a miscellaneous box, although not entirely linked with the Dinting Vale Print Works collection that it was deposited with. However, due to the items’ connection with Glossop and Manchester, the items can be kept within the collection in a separate series.

Many of the papers belonged to Mr Hurst, who the library belonged to, meaning that many items may have just been swept up from his desk, such as newspapers, which makes my job even more difficult.

Box 13 items

Box 13 items

Now I am ready to put all the items into subseries, such as papers relating to the day-to-day Dinting Vale and printed books. Once organised, I can focus on numbering all the items and placing them in boxes and recording the new location.

That’s me for another week.

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