50 Treasures: Over to you…

We are half-way through our tour through Derbyshire Record Office’s 50 Treasures, which we started publicising in 2012, to mark our fiftieth anniversary.  Treasures 24 and 25 have been selected by a former staff member and a researcher respectively, and we would like to take this opportunity to appeal for suggestions from other people who either use Derbyshire Record Office (in person or from afar) or used to work here.  Is there any document in our local studies or archives collections that particularly stands out for you?  The item you choose could be a “treasure” because of something intrinsic to the document itself – its appearance, its content, the themes it covers; or it could be precious to you because of your experience of it – something that would be invisible to others, perhaps some startling discovery that you made with it.  Or perhaps you are the person/organisation that gave us your nominate “treasure” in the first place – we would be very pleased to hear from donors/depositors.  If you have a suggestion, please either use the Reply box below, or email your ideas to us at record.office@derbyshire.gov.uk.

We will keep on posting treasures every week or so, and will use some of our own suggestions if ideas are not forthcoming – but I am sure they will be…

5 thoughts on “50 Treasures: Over to you…

  1. Good! You would be very welcome. Glad to hear you are part of the group – I picked up on the National Archives’ Pentrich Revolution post thanks to one of your facebook updates.

    • Brilliant, all contributions welcome. I should just make clear the distinction between Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock (that’s us!) and Derby City Council’s Local Studies and Family History Library in Derby. We hold archives as well as local studies material and although we are part of Derbyshire County Council we are part-funded by Derby City Council. That means we would be keen to hear any suggestions for Treasures relating to Derby, but they would need to be items that are in our collections.

      • Hi Mark. I do understand that. I’ve never been to your Records Office. Yet. But I would love to when I have time. I do understand the distinction. I am currently involved in communications for the Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group.

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