FindersKeepers: A How-To Session

We at Derbyshire Record Office are very keen to reach our goal of getting 100% of the available information about our collections into the online catalogue.  Over the past couple of years, volunteers on the FindersKeepers project have made some pretty dramatic progress. There are now only 900 or so lists that are not incorporated into our online catalogue (and even these can be found on the catalogue as attachments).  If you have heard about FindersKeepers and think it sounds like your cup of tea, please do consider putting your name down for a training session of sorts, which we will be holding on 17 July.

I (Mark) will be the one doing the training, which will run from 9.30am and finish by 1pm.  I am resisting the urge to set up a firm timetable because it’s hard to know how long things will take to demonstrate – we all work at differing speeds.  But I will show everybody how our online catalogue works, and what you can do to help with it.  You will get to “have a go” using some of our laptops; I will also give you a brief introduction to the Record Office and show you round.  There will only be room for up to 8 people to take part, so do please book – either by writing to or telephoning 01629 538347.  If this proves popular, we will repeat the session later in the year.

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