Potter and Co Collection: Dealing with “Miscellaneous” material

One of the worse phrases that can be used in an archive catalogue is the word “miscellaneous” since this does not explain the documents that are being held. In the Potter and Co collection I had, for the time being, filled a boxed with “miscellaneous” material to be dealt with at a later time. It allowed me to continue with the rest of the collection, but I could not hide from the difficult job I had in front of me.

Whilst numbering and reboxing the collection, see previous blog below, it came to my attention that many of the series needed restructuring and better grouping was required to help users find similar documents within the collection. Therefore, my “miscellaneous” box needed to come out of the strongrooms to be sorted out, and to be allocates to the series that I had created.

I found this a challenging job to do because there are about 100 items in this box, which may or may not be relevant to the Potter and Co, Dinting Vale, Glossop collection. But onwards and upwards; most of the box has been looked through and once everything had been noted down, I will start to allocate these documents, along with the other documents to the restructured series.

Miscellaneous box

Miscellaneous box

3 thoughts on “Potter and Co Collection: Dealing with “Miscellaneous” material

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  2. Hi Elissa, I have been reading your blog on the DRO site and I find it really interesting, a) about what you are doing and what it involves, and b) all about the quite old and maybe forgotten records in Derbyshire life in general. Keep writing xxx

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