Potter and Co Collection

My name is Elissa Rowe and I am currently doing a masters in Archives and Records Management at the University of Dundee, and I have been volunteering at the Derbyshire Record Office for 3 years.

I have been working on the Potter & Co collection from the beginning when it came out of the strongrooms after 40 years of being deposited. As an archivist in training this has been a great opportunity for me to practice the skills that I have been reading about, therefore I thank the amazing archivists at the DRO .

Calico Printing Library of Alderman J G Hurst of Glossop, including records of Edmund Potter & Company Ltd, calico printers, Dinting Vale, Glossop. This collection includes printed books, pattern books, photographs of works and workmen, reference books and other papers.

What I have done so far

I went through the 21 boxes with about 200 items and listed every item onto CALM (which was particularly difficult when some of the books are in French, German and Russian (thank goodness for Google!)) Once this was completed, the items were arranged into series meaning that items are grouped together with similar documents such as printed books.

I now have the fun job of numbering each item and reboxing the items ready for users. I will continue to write about my experiences on this project as a trainee archivist.

I hope you enjoy using this collection as much as I enjoy working preparing it for use.

21 boxes, 200 items

21 boxes, 200 items

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