Saying Hello

My name is Frances Lund and I’ve been volunteering at Derbyshire Record Office for the last two weeks now, although it feels like longer than that! I’m actually a qualified archivist and am developing my skills whilst looking for my next employment opportunity which is why I’m volunteering. The task I’ve been working on so far is an accession of material which belongs to the FitzHerbert Family of Tissington. You can find out more about this collection here. There are twenty boxes of material, of which I have surveyed the contents to establish what there is and where it fits into the collection. This is somewhat unusual as long time users and researchers will note that this collection is otherwise already fully catalogued! The next step is to finalise the box list and create a theoretical catalogue, before importing it all into CALM. I’ll also be posting some photos of what I think are the most interesting items over the next few weeks so keep following if you’d like to find out more.

2 thoughts on “Saying Hello

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you bring up Frances. Do you also hold the records for the okeover family mappleton, ashbourne? Or will it come under staffs coz its on the border? Thanks

    • Hullo Judith. We do hold records created/accumulated by the Okeover family. The main collection is D231, but then we had an additional donation of records a couple of years ago which are under reference D7455. I have checked the Discovery catalogue of the National Archives and these are the only collections attributed to this family. If you need to do the same sort of search yourself in future, here’s how. Go to the Discovery catalogue, click “advanced search”, then choose to search “record creators”. Put the name of the family in the “all of these words” box, select “family” as the creator type, then press search.

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