My Wonderful Life Exhibition

MWL book          Jessie

Using traditional Japanese folding techniques and beautiful textured papers, members of the Winster and Elton Luncheon Club worked on a project with artist Jane Wells of Junction Arts to create their own book.

Decorated with lino print boarders the books are filled with photographs and recollections about key moments and memorable events in each participant’s life.

The completed journals are on display in our reception area alongside an original poster for the Winster Wakes designed by local artist Rose Foster and photographs of Winster and Elton supplied by the Picture the Past project which is based at the record office.


We are delighted to have these poignant, delicate books on display as part of this year’s Derbyshire Literature Festival and in celebration of Made in Derbyshire 2015.

Do come along and take a look, they will be with us until the end of May.

2 thoughts on “My Wonderful Life Exhibition

  1. It was a privilege to work with the ladies from the Winster and Elton Luncheon Club and all of the volunteers. The handmade books are an amazing record of the ordinary yet extra ordinary lives of some very special people.
    Thank you to the Record Office for their support with the exhibition and the visit.
    It was a wonderful opportunity to see and handle original documents . The conversation was non stop!

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