Treasure 19: Thomas Bateman’s grangerised copy of the Lysons’ Magna Britannia

Treasure 19 Grangerised book (a)

This treasure dates from the days before books routinely came with illustrations, and when prints and engravings were (just as today) highly prized by collectors.  It was chosen by Sue Peach, Local Studies Librarian, who writes:  “We don’t like the idea of defacing books nowadays, but the antiquarian Thomas Bateman of Middleton by Youlgreave (1821-1861)  personalised all four Derbyshire volumes of Magna Britannia by Daniel and Samuel Lysons, by pasting in cuttings and engravings, a process known as “grangerising”. By doing so he has given us a wonderful resource, many of whose images are now on Picture the Past”.

Treasure 19 Grangerised book (b)

Bateman’s contemporary, Isabella Thornhill (1800-1878), had the same idea, and grangerised her version of the Lysons’ text in six separate volumes, as described in our catalogue.  You may remember reading of Isabella, who was one of the Gell family, in a previous post after we acquired her diary.

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