Treasure 6: A how-to guide to handwriting from 1571

This book, dating from 1571, was chosen by archivist Karen Millhouse, who writes:

Palaeography, the study of ancient handwriting, is a skill which those who work in archives have to develop quite quickly!  This handwriting exercise book contains not only beautiful examples of script but also provides the opportunity for us to chart how styles of handwriting have developed over the centuries – which in turn helps us to date documents more accurately. I particularly like seeing how the owner of this book has practised the letters – with varying degrees of success!

Our Artist in Residence, Paula Moss, shares my love of this volume and has used illustrations from it as her inspiration for window coverings in our microfilm room – why don’t you take a look?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Concerned about the physical condition of this book? So are we – that’s why our Assistant Conservator has chosen it as the basis of a forthcoming project. We will use the blog to let you know when the work has been done.


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