Treasure 15: An account of a Clairvoyant regarding Sir John Franklin’s lost Arctic expedition

Treasure 16 John Franklin (a)

This letter (D3311/81/1) dates from 1849 and comes from the Franklin family papers held here. These include letters, diaries and poems of Eleanor Anne Franklin (nee Porden), letters and journals of William Porden, letters and other papers of Sir John Franklin and Lady Jane Franklin, as well as letters of Eleanor Isabella Gell (nee Franklin).  There are some prints and several printed works including works by and belonging to Eleanor Anne Franklin (nee Porden) and works about the Arctic and Franklin’s expeditions.

Treasure 16 John Franklin (b)

The mystery of Franklin’s lost expedition has inspired many artistic works, poetry, dramas, and traditional folk songs such as “Lady Franklin’s Lament”, commemorating Lady Franklin’s search for her lost husband.  The search came to an end in September 2014, when the remains of Franklin’s ship, the Erebus, were discovered in the Victoria Strait near King William Island, as you can see from this BBC report.  This treasure was chosen by our Assistant Conservator, Clare.

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