Sue’s Soldier: the mystery letter

mystery letter 1915 2

There was so much in George Henry Slater’s World War One memorabilia that we couldn’t display it all in our vitrine wall (Sue’s Soldier: on at Derbyshire Record Office until the end of April)

One of these items is the Mystery Letter. On Buckingham Palace headed notepaper, dated 3rd November 1915, it reads: “The Private Secretary begs to acknowledge the receipt of Mons: G Vermenlen Geelhand de Mergem’s letter of the 2nd inst: which has been submitted to the King, and for which the Private Secretary is commanded by His Majesty to thank Mons: de Mergem”.

We have no idea what this very official-sounding communication is doing in the archive of a humble rifleman’s family, so if anyone can throw any light on it, we’d be most grateful.

5 thoughts on “Sue’s Soldier: the mystery letter

  1. Thank you for your comment. It may refer to that, though I thought it was probably short for “Monsieur”, referring to a French-speaking Belgian, presumably a diplomat.

  2. Could the “Mons” refer to Monseigneur, ie a Catholic rank just below Bishop rather than Monsieur? Just a thought! Peter

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