The Local Studies Catalogue at Derbyshire Record Office

card catThe County Local Studies Card Catalogue at Derbyshire Record Office is an amazing resource. It has entries for subjects, places, people and authors for every possible thing you can think of to do with Derbyshire, and it works.
But it has been added to for decades, and requires a certain amount of upkeep, not to mention cards and ink. And it cannot be viewed remotely.
So from January this year all new Local Studies indexing will be on the Record Office catalogue:
We receive several new books a month, plus a constant flow of journal articles, and donated items which we did not have before. All require indexing by librarians to bring out the information riches hidden within.  To see what new arrivals have been indexed so far, try using LS* as the reference when you search the catalogue.
Of course we are not getting rid of the card catalogue, and if you cannot get to us, staff here will be happy to look references up for you.

Sue Peach, Local Studies Librarian

2 thoughts on “The Local Studies Catalogue at Derbyshire Record Office

  1. If you are planning to get rid of any old catalogues in future please let me know, I’d love one, they are such nice pieces of furniture! I’d be more than willing to collect it!

    • Hi – I am afraid we no longer have a set of wooden drawers resembling the clip art attached to Sue’s post. Since the Local Studies library collection moved down to the Derbyshire Record Office, the card catalogue has been housed in stylish but practical metal sliding drawers that take up an entire (small) room.

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